With our professional skills in the fields of documentary film and pedagogy, Tab Lab brings together a team of passionate contributors who wish to share their experiences with as many people as possible. 

Tab Lab proposes an exploration of these cultural places through their backstage and their factories. Equipped with an i-pad and a microphone, participants set off to discover little-known and hidden spaces. Attentive to the sound and visual atmospheres, on the lookout for characteristic sounds of the place, they also come into contact with behind-the-scenes jobs by interviewing technicians, artists and administrative staff. Their path is marked out by Tab Lab sound and visual workshops where they collect sounds. This is an active journey where the participants act as a film crew with a predefined role for each. It is no longer a guided tour, but rather an opportunity to take charge of one's own exploration and to gain practical and theoretical
knowledge of the film, performing arts and museum professions.

The Tab lab audience is placed at the centre of the artistic and educational project. Thus the point of view of documentary cinema are privileged as an artistic and aesthetic approach. In the end, The participants make a short documentary film under the guidance of a professional. The film then becomes a wonderful means of telling a story, one's own story, in a singular, intimate and personal way, going beyond the framework of simple reportage. The Tab Lab films can be seen on the NOOZY TV streaming platform.

The Tab Lab project is kindly supported by
WIM WENDERS and his foundation


CapsulOscope means continuing our Tab Lab cinema workshop offer with all types of public and inventing a new form of use for broadcasting films produced behind the scenes of a cultural venue. And thus open the field to a sensory exploration for visitors by promoting and mediatising the professions and the singular spaces behind the scenes.

With CapsulOscope, it 's also the audiovisual and photographic heritage of the place which can be valued and mediatized